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REVIEW: Toni & Guy Texture Paste

 I don't know about you, but poker-straight hair bores me to tears. It may work for other, but for me? Nope.

I, like so many people out there these days, crave that messy, "Out of Bed", textured look. But I have a not-so-secret weapon. Toni & Guy's Texture Paste.

In my long search for the perfect product I've worked my way through an eclectic mix of styling stuff from V05's Extreme Style Matt Clay to Wella's High Hair Punk Chic (also a matt clay). While these two have done a job, they don't even come close to the brilliance of my hair saviour. Could I live without it? No.

Why is it so good? Well, to begin with, it's matte. I can't stand my hair looking greasy, shiny or oily and this product manages to give my hair what can best be described as the opposite: a matte finish, texture and definition. What seals the deal for me is the fact it's super lightweight, so my hair doesn't feel bogged down in gunk. It looks exactly how I want it to look.

If, like me, you have fine hair, you'll find after your first experience with it that you start to believe it's an absolute godsend. Why? Well your fine hair will all of a sudden begin to appear fuller and thicker.




Grab a pea sized amount of the product, slap it on to your hands and warm it inbetween them 'til you get something a little bit like this:


How flat is my hair here? Ha! Anyway, warm the product between the hands is vital, otherwise you'll end up with little weird white bits all over your hair.

Once it's warmed and my hands are covered in the stuff, I scrunch the product into the hair concentrating on areas where I want the lift and volume i.e the roots.


Et VoilĂ !


FYI: I'm wearing MAC's Russian Red lipstick. :)

I love how this works on my fringe. It really gives it that choppy textured look.

After all this ranting and raving about it, I have to tell you. There's a downside. A big downside. They don't make it anymore! Toni & Guy discontinued it back in September last year. Now either I've been living under a rock or I've had that many back ups that I felt no need to visit the haircare section at Boots. The look on my face after casually strolling in, only to discover that Toni & Guy had a re-vamp and dropped Texture Paste from the range...

On my last pot, I hyperventilated. And scoured the tinternet in desperation. I came across a website called Semichem that had full 75ml tubs of the paste for £3.99. BARGAIN OR WHAT?! Considering it was priced around £7.00 in Boots. I did my usual and over-ordered a little:


What can I say? Haha

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