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REVIEW: Skin Art's Valentine's Kit

I love tattoos. 

I find myself looking on with a sense of deep envy at those with tattoos all over, secretly wishing it was me. 

I think I could probably only ever go for two or three at most, but the thought of committing to it for life is a bit of a put-off. I'm notoriously fickle, so just a few months down the line I'll be wishing I'd never went under the needle!

Temporary tattoos are a whole different ball-game though. 

I HEART them. 

I discovered Skin Art last year and have been addicted to them ever since, see my post HERE to satisfy any curiosity! Now I kind of understand why inked peeps say the needle is an addiction!

So the other week Skin Art sent me their 'Nail Tattoo Valentine's Kit'. Obviously I was excited at first, as I do love Skin Art. But that excitement quickly turned to a little confusion, I couldn't actually find the kit on their website, I could only find the individual items sold seperately. It came with three different nail polishes and a sheet of Nail Art Tattoos.

 Left to right - It's 'Crystal Clear', 'I live in an Igloo' & 'She Wore Red Velvet'

The application process was smooth, easy and dried to a semi-glossy finish. The longevity is good, and only began to chip on the third day. Bear in mind though that I always apply a base coat underneath, pretty much regardless of brand.

The coloured polishes, red and white, are both nice shades however the colours themselves don't particularly stand out from the crowd. What does stand out from the crowd though, is the price. At £3 a pot we're talking some seriously affordable, decent quality polishes. As far as I can tell, these are the only three polishes available at the moment so it'll be interesting to see what sort of colours come next.

Now onto the tattoos..


Each sheet of Nail Art Tattoos contains 60 tattoos across a range of different designs. On the face of it, these designs look nice and cover different tastes with some girly and gothy choices. In terms of application though, I'm still yet to work out whether these are difficult to apply or I was having a ditsy moment. I found them very difficult to peel back at the time and by way of comparison, I also used a couple of Topshop designs (below, 2nd and 3rd from left) which I found much simpler.


As you can see from the photos, the Skin Art designs look a little simple when compared to Topshop's. In fairness to Skin Art, it is a promising first foray into the Nail market and I expect that as the range grows they will continue to improve on both the range of colours, the intricacy of their Nail Art designs and the ease of use.


 The key question is: 'Would I buy from the Nail Art range?'

Firstly, I would definitely consider buying Nail Polishes from Skin Art in the future. The quality and price are both good enough to suggest that once the range of colours increaases, this will definitely be a brand to look out for. 

Secondly, the Tattoos. In their current form and designs I probably wouldn't buy. Even at the realtively low price of £5.99 the designs lack that 'edge' that other brands currently provide and I did find them a little tricky to apply. Having said that, based on their awesome Skin Art collection I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the nail tattoos to see how the range grows.

Skin Arts Nail Range can be found HERE
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