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Bloody Hell

I always thought W was a somewhat revered American fashion magazine, with it's better than average editorials and the excellent choices of models, considering the usual US fashion mags target WASPs and Wintour wannabes every month. But, when I saw this cover on fashionverbatim, I swear I almost puked. What the hell?! W hit an astounding low. My god I thought I was looking at US weekly or a really bad Star magazine feature on plastic surgery and mystic tan. Everytime I see Posh, I pray to god her "natural" breasts stay in place. I mean does she really have to buy dresses a size smaller than her actual size? And I hate when Posh says she wants to show America how to dress. This Posh/Becks American invasion is really making me feel slightly nauseated. Britain should be glad they're being rid of these two.
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