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Rant on GHD straighteners

I bought a GHD straightener in March. It was great at first, my hair was smooth, shiny and whatnot.

After a few weeks, product began building up onto the ceramic plates. I attempted to remove it but no luck. I ended up resorting to scraping it off but some of the coating came off. Most of my other straighteners did not have this problem.
So product just kept building up, therefore my hair began looking dull and just generally unhealthy.

Anyhoo, a few weeks ago, they blew up, whilst I was straightening my hair! All I heard was this little "Poof" and saw a bit of smoke.

Seriously, if you pay over a £100 for straighteners, you'd expect it to be better quality. Clearly GHD don't understand quality.

I COULD send the straighteners back to customer services and get it repaired. And if I do, not sure I'd want to use it again.

From now on I'm sticking to Corioliss. I've had these straighteners for over 2 years and are still in mint condition, never have a problem with product build up and ohhh yeeeah, it works! :)
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