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Designer Spray - My saviour for volumised, textured hair.

Designer Spray. 

Without you, I'd be lost. I dedicated my blog to your name. You made me wave goodbye to flat, boring hair. You made me shout out HELLO to big, messy hair.

Okay, we should really get a room... But seriously, Designer Spray is probably the only hair product I cannot live without. So what exactly is Designer Spray I hear you say?!

It's a finishing hairspray and shaping product from Wella High Hair. Which is a salon brand. I discovered this product when I was a little nipper at 19, back in the days when I was doing my NVQ Hairdressing. I've never looked back since. :)

Yes, I've tried countless number of finishing/shaping products like matt pastes, waxes, different hairsprays, but they just weren't good enough. They either made my hair look greasy or greasy-ish, didn't hold up well during the day, didn't volumise enough or just not textured enough. The only thing that came close was Label M's Resurrection Dust. Good stuff. Comes in a dinky little bottle, so quite handy to carry around in my handbag!

DS comes out in a mist, but not as fine as L'oreal's Elnett's hairspray. This works to my advantage as Elnett dries as soon as it touches the hair (unless you spray too much!), whilst DS leaves the hair slightly damp so you can play about with you hair, once you're happy with the way it look, you leave it to set for a minute and you're done! And as it's a firm holding spray, your hair style will last most of the day.

For me, the best way to use it is to spray in sections like below.

Then I give it a my hair good shake and shape individual strands..

Et Voila! Done :)

I've not come across any reviews of this product on the web, which leaves me wondering, has no one come across this in salons? Have any of you used Wella High Hair products?

Designer Spray comes in a 200ml bottle and is priced around £8.00.
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