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It's so Milan darling!

Hello hello you gorgeous people. First of all, I do apologise for my recent slacking of posts. It's a mixture of laziness plus I've started getting into running to keep fit!

Now my big brother ran the London Marathon this year. Actually, he has been doing so for the past few years as a professional runner. He completed this years London Marathon in 3 hours and 8 minutes! Which totally inspired me to start getting into running. So today I managed to run around 2 miles! Okay, it may not seem much to some of you but it's a big deal for me because I'm just generally lazy. So yeah, a big achievment for me. Hope I manage to stick to it! :) 

Anyway, the point of this post is that I managed to remain looking chic (and sweaty) whilst running! How I hear you plead? Well, my nails of course!

After seeing a countless number of posts about Boots scrumptious offer on 2 x 500ml Diet Coke bottles and a free Nails Inc polish, I had to jump onto the bandwagon and get me some freebies! Mind you, I don't even drink diet coke, my husband does though, so it's all good!

There was only one shade left which was Milan. shocking really as I thought it was oh so chic (A lot of chics being flung around in this post, he he). After I purchased my item I fled from Boots and into the bus, ran home and locked myself in my room! No, not really. But I couldn't wait to try it.
The result after 2 coats?

Messy application. The laziness shines through. And I hatehatehate my hands. Mleh.

It looks like a bright, classic red shade. But in some lights it looks slightly coral-ish. Anyone noticed that too or is it just me? I'm on day 3, and the chipping has begun.

Love the way how a red shade makes you feel all feminine, chic (Yeah, here I go again..) and glamourous. And I personally feel that it flatters most skin tones. Whether it's on the lips, nails or even clothing.

Which shades have you bagged from the Boots offer?

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