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EOTD - Overdone eyeliner and coloured pencils.

It's been a while hasn't it? I do apologise. It's a mish mash of lazyness & busyness.

Most of you know that I love top eyeliner, and that I ALWAYS flick it out. Well, lately, I have been kinda overdoing it.

Normal top liner was starting to bore me, so I just started to paint on more and more eyeliner until eventually I ended up where I am now. And to make it more interesting than box standard thick top liner, I applied a coloured liner onto my lower lashline.

Lately my weapons of choice have been:


Urban Decay's 'Liquid Liner' - It has a brush applicator and the formulation is all you could ask for, it's thick, smooth and doesn't fade or smudge. Perfect.

Famous Eye Liner in Turquoise - I've never took this company seriously, mainly because it appears to be unheard of and the price wasn't exactly pocket friendly for a drugstore brand. But during my trip to Superdrug this week, I found this in the bargain bin for £2.00! I wonder if this brand is being discontinued? ANYWAY, I was quite surprised with this eyeliner, the pigmentation is quite vibrant AND it lasts all day! And it comes off easily with my olive oil cleanser.

So with these two combined, this is what I came up with:


Lovely. It's kinda like Amy Winehouse's signature eyeliner, not as thick and with a splash of colour.

And there you have it!

Would you wear liner like this?


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