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FOTD - Lauren Luke's My Smokey Classics

I like to change my make up according to the weather and my mood. For the past few months I've just been wearing thick black topliner and coloured eyeliner on the lower lash line which was my summer look. But as I'm now coming across a lot of autumn/winter collections in stores, it's now hit me; summer has gone - In Manchester anyway. It's always so dull here. Why oh why?!

But yeah, lately I've just been feeling so 'emo' and just generally meh which is down to the weather. I'm so not an autum/winter kind of person. I live for sunshine and warmth! So yeah, feeling blah was a good excuse to wear a full on smokey eye look. But do I actually need an excuse? Hehe!


I've said it before and I'll say it again but I do LOVE that this kit has everything that you'll need for a full face, other than foundation and mascara, oh and brushes. Although I'm not a fan of cream eyeliners, I prefer liquid liner so I used my Urban Decay one.

As I've not used eyeshadow much in the past few months, I think I've kinda lost my ability to blend. Doing the whole eye contouring thing is still easy, but blending into a smokey eye was pretty difficult!

After a bit of practising, I think I just about got the hang of it. Still not quite there yet, but I'm sure after watching countless numbers of yotube videos and practise, hopefully I shall get there!


I just cut my fringe too. At first I hated it but it's now growing on me. Why do fringes have to grow out so quickly?!

Glam X foundation - Caramel (LOVE this foundation)
Lauren Luke's Blusher - Peach Glow
Sleek Contour Kit - Medium

Lauren Luke's eyeshadow - Antique Pewter, Twilight Ash & Cashmere Cream.
Urban Decays Liquid Liner - Black
Make Up Forever Smokey Lash - Black
Wet n Wild Eye Brow Essentials (Hate it! Need another eyebrow filler, recommendations ladies & gents?)

Lauren Luke's Lip Color - Plumberry

How's your week going? Only 3 days to go till it's bank holiday weekend! Woo! Not that I'm doing anything for it.. A peaceful 3 day weekend is enough for me. :)

P.S - You can win this kit and Lauren's "My Vintage Glams" in my giveaway!
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