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REVIEW: Alterna White Truffle Shampoo & Conditioner

Apparently, this is Jennifer Aniston's favourite shampoo & conditioner.

And I can see why.

It's expensive. It has sleek packaging. And does exactly what it says on the 'tin'.

So why did I buy this shampoo & conditioner?

Honestly, my hair is knackered. Well, kind of. It's dry, lacks shine & no matter what shampoo & conditioner I use, I can never get the 'swish' effect. And Pantene certainly does not give me the 'swish' effect

I've used so many shampoo & conditioner combos it's unreal. I've spent a small fortune on them and I've never really been fully satisfied with the results I'd been having.

I came across Alterna while I was watching an old episode of 'Friends' on E4 and was in awe at Jen's hair. So I asked my friend Google what hair products she uses and lo-and-behold, it turned out to be Alterna's 'White Truffle'.

Google also told me the shampoo costs £28.25 for a 300ml bottle and the conditioner costs £30.50 (also 300ml) from SalonSkincare. I don't know about you but £60 for 300ml of shampoo & conditioner really hurt my (husband's) wallet!

Here's what Alterna have to say about White Truffle:
"This extravagant formula combines European White Truffle Oil, the planet's richest sources of the B Vitamins, known as "the beautifiers," Caspian Sea Caviar Extract and Mediterranean Arnica Flower with a phyto-organically derived surfactant system, which is the most effective natural cleansing system obtainable.
White Truffle has nutrient activating enzymes and the world’s most expensive haircare ingredients combed from the farthest reaches of the globe infuse the scalp and hair for added conditioning moisture, elasticity and extraordinary shine.
Ideal for daily use and safe on your chemically treated hair. White Truffle contains a full spectrum UV protection to guard your locks against sun damage."


The packaging is so important as it is always the first thing people see. It can leave a lasting first impression and in Alterna's case it is definitely the SEX! It manages to provoke curiosity from those that lay eyes on it, when people see it the first reaction is something along the lines of: "Wow, what are those expensive looking bottles in the bathroom?!" It does look expensive and luxurious.



After gawping at the bottles for ages, I got down to the real business of actually using the stuff! It squeezes out easily from the bottle and allows you to control exactly how much you take out. The shampoo lathered pretty easily. The smell was quite odd, not in a bad way. I can't really describe what it smells like but it was pleasant and doesn't linger on the hair after you've blowdried.

Once I rinsed away the shampoo, my hair felt clean and not squeaky. Next, the conditioner was super creamy & thick, thicker than your average deep conditioner so I used a small amount of it. My hair felt weighed down because the conditioner is quite heavy. But once rinsed off, the heaviness had gone down the plughole, and my hair had the 'slip' effect. Yay! :)


Detangling was not a problem which is definitely a plus point. I blowdried my hair without my usual Toni & Guy 'Boost It Mousse' & GHD Smoothing Balm to see if Alterna had made much of a difference to the condition of my hair. The result?



My hair felt super soft and bouncy, looked sleek and incredibly glossy which is a rarity for me. My ends felt a lot of smoother and less rough when I felt them between my fingers. And last but not least, I had the 'swish' effect! :D All in all, my hair looked and felt FABULOUS!

Would I repurchase?

Maybe. I know, this is definitely a HG for me, but it's waaay too pricey IMO. If I came into a bit of extra cash then I would definitely re-purchase. But doubt that will happen any time soon! :( In the mean time, I'll be saving the rest of my Alterna for special occasions.

Have you used any products by Alterna? What's your HG shampoo & conditioner?

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