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CLOSED - REVIEW: Sugarbabes "Tease" Eau de Toilette & giveaway!

Hands up, who's a fan of celebrity perfumes? Anyone? No, me neither. I never have taken these celebrity perfumes seriously. Britney was the first I came across bringing out her own perfume, I tried about 3 different types and they matched expectations. Sickeningly sweet. They were probably more suited for teenagers in my opinion who like super floral fragrances.

The second one I tried was Sarah Jessica Parker's "Lovely", it smelt like it was trying to be sophisticated but failed miserably. Sorry, SJP!

Next up for me was J LO's "Live". A friend recommended it to me, I saw the bottle and thought it was worth a try. It's another floral scent but it was the most decent of the five. I didn't hurry back to repurchase. It was just OK. Nothing special.

So after my experiences with these celebrity perfumes, I've tended to avoid them at all costs. It probably doesn't help that all manner of low grade tabloid celebrities jump on the "Release my own fragrance" bandwagon (Yes, looking at you, Katie Price!).

I'd succesfully avoided these perfumes for a couple of years, until the other week when I recieved an e-mail from a representative of the Sugababes asking if i would like to try out one of their new range of perfumes.

There were 3 to choose from. At first, I thought "FAIL". I'm not even a fan, their music is debatable, but hey ho. I picked the most appealing of the 3. I picked "Tease". Here is what they have to say about it:

"Sexy and sultry, Tease is full of passionate tempo, an intoxicating cocktail of zesty lemonade and juicy pear with luscious jasmine and seductive magnolia."



I'm a jasmine girl. I adore the stuff. In India they can't get enough of it, those of you that love Lush's "Flying Fox" shower gel will know why. It's such an overpowering scent, and it's incredibly exotic and sultry.

Now, what did I think of the fragrance? Jasmine was the main scent in this which has a big thumbs up from me. I could smell a hint of zestyness but pear & magnolia were both conspicuous by their absence. Which to be honest didn't really bother me, more room for Jasmine =D.

It has to be noted that is an Eau de Toilette therefore the longevity of this perfume leaves a lot to be desired. After an hour or so, it's just gone! At first I thought it might just be my nose becoming desensitised to the smell. So I asked a few other people to catch a whiff off me, haha. But even they couldn't smell it! So I let them test out the perfume and they agreed, the longevity is pants. Period.

But then again, as this is an Eau de Toilette fragrance, let's not judge it by that.

Would I go out and buy this with my hard earned cash? Probably not. But do I like the smell of it? Absolutely. If it came out in Parfum, I'd be all over this like jam on toast. In my opinion, this is a really uplifting fragrance perfect for anyone looking for something quite fresh & youthful. This is nothing like Britney's pre-teen perfumes though, it is far more mature without losing it's sense of fun.

In the mean time, I'm keeping this in my handbag, the bottle doesn't seem to take up much room in it.


Okay ladies, now here's what you've all been waiting for! The Sugababes rep is giving away one full size bottle of one of their brand new fragrances. As this is a sponsored giveaway, I will be holding the competition and the sponsor will be sending out the prize. Here are your choices:




So, would any of you ladies (or gentlemen) like to get your mitts on a bottle of the Sugababes perfume? If so, then all you have to do is:

1) You must be a follower.

2) Comment below to let me know which of the perfumes you would like to win along with your name & e-mail address so I can contact the lucky winner .

3) Join this facebook page The sponsor of giveaway will be checking this

4) Must live in the UK. Sorry, guys!

This competition will run for a week, and will end on the 10th December 2010 22.00 GMT. I will announce the winner the following day.

Good luck ladies!

Sugababes Tease, Tempt & Touch are availabe in 100ml bottles at The Perfume Shop priced at £19.99.

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