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NAILS: Urban Outfitters Matte Milk 1


You may remember a few weeks ago I did a haul post. In that post I mentioned a little gem of a find in Urban Outfitters' Matte Milk 1 nail polish. You'll notice that it's white. It's so wrong yet so right, all at the same time!



My "Om" ring is from Galibardy


The packaging is a bit err... different. It's unique, and catches the eye immediately!


Super white!

But you know what they say about judging books by their covers and all that. The formula is dreadful. It's so damned streaky it's untrue! I needed three coats to make this completely opaque. In between each coat, it took an eternity to dry. On the third coat I needed to wait even longer for it to dry thoroughly otherwise I'd have a serious case of the smudges on my hands.

In the end I gave up waiting, I used Seche Vite and let it work it's magic. Seriously girls, if you don't already have Seche Vite, WHY THE HECK NOT? One coat of this and within a couple of minutes, it's super dry!

The only downside to applying the Seche Vite is it didn't really provide the matte finish that this product should have given. But desperate times call for desperate measures!

I do love white nails, but I don't think I'll be hurrying to buy this again, however I did buy the Barry M Matte White nail paint today, I've got high hopes for this as Barry M has never let me down before.

What do you think about white nails? Yay? Or nay?

Hope you've all had an amazing Easter Weekend! Back to reality t'moro... for 3 days. Then we can do it all over again! (Only applicable to UK residents :P)
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