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OUTFIT: Sheer Mint

Hello Hello!

Welcome to my regular readers and first-timers alike! Those who have frequented my blog pretty regularly will probably have noticed my love for the colour mint. I've got mint nail varnish, a swallow printed mint kimono and even a gorgeous mint blouse with sheer sleeves. I felt pretty much complete with my mint collection.

And then it happened. Horror etched all over my face. I saw the video for Alex Gaudino's 'I'm In Love' and it just jumped out of my laptop screen and into the 'MUST HAVE NOW!!!' section of my brain (Yes, that section of my brain is labelled in CAPSLOCK!). One of the video girls was getting a bit erm... steamy with some bloke. She had an oversized long sleeved sheer mint shirt on. It looked perfect, obviously by now I'd already mentally tried it on and I must say, it looked far better on me in my head than on her...

I couldn't believe that I had never came across something like this before. I know that Topshop came out with one a few months back, but their's was an off-mint colour, short-sleeved and made of *shudders* Viscose. I hate Viscose, touch it and it creases. And off-mint? Short-sleeved? Sorry Topshop. Must try harder.

So after replaying the section of the video with the shirt of my dreams innumerable times, I lightly slapped myself in the face and told myself to snap out of it and find this sexy thing! I scoured the high-street, foraged through independent boutiques, trawled the Internet, scaled mountains, crossed deserts, circumnavigated the globe (OK so I didn't do the last 3, but you get the point!) and still my beloved mint, long-sleeved sheer shirt escaped my clutches.

My limbs ached from the mountains, my body parched from the deserts and I'd given up all hope of finding my beloved. I was walking through town, desperate and desolate. Yeah, there were nice things b..bu...but they could never compete. And then, like an oasis in the desert, a shock of gleaming mint attacked my weakened eyes... it was my beloved... on a mannequin... in American Apparel... American Apparel?! This was no mirage, this waas real!

I summoned all of my remaining energy, drank all of my remaining water rations and entered the store holding my beloved to ransom. They demanded £52 to release my beloved from their shackles. At first I thought it was expensive, then later I apoligised to my beloved for daring to think such a thing. It was worth it...

It's seriously oversized, they make it in only one size, around 12-14. Today it's such a beautiful spring day, I thought I'd let my mint, oversized shirt grace it with it's presence. I wore it over my cherished bodycon skirt. A match made in heaven.


At last! It's mine! All mine! 


No-one will seperate us now...


I like to hold onto it, just incase...



My faux YSL Arty Ring, purchased from Etsy



Galibardy's Syringe, complete with Fly trapped inside! (not real obvs) 

Sheer Mint Oversized Shirt: American Apparel
Syringe Necklace: Galibardy Boutique
Faux YSL Arty ring: Etsy
Bodycon skirt: ARKGold plaited belt: Topshop
And finally, on Thursday I attended the Gentry Grooming event in Manchester. Gentry Grooming are a Manchester-based Male Grooming company with Salons in the Northwest and a range of Male Grooming products. They held an event in Manchester showcasing their new range of products including Eye-cream and Styling Cream. For the record their products contain no Parabens, SLS, SLES and alcohol!

It was a great night, I took along my gay best friend and we met a few of the stars from Hollyoaks and some lovely bloggers. At first it felt truly bizarre to be meeting some of the bloggers, as I'm so used to reading their words and looking at their pictures on a screen. To come face-to-face was a bit surreal! But they were all so lovely, I'd do it again!


From L - R - The gorgeous Sinead from DaintyDollyMix, the absolute stunner that is Paula from Sweetcheeks1910 and meeee!

Have you ever seen something on TV, in a film or a music video you just had to have? Did you manage to get your hands on it?

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