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A New Addition to the Family: Meet Poppy.


It may not have escaped your notice that the weather over the last few weeks has been absolutely gorgeous! I'd be going out all the time for walks with the boy & with friends. I'd come across a park every now and then and I saw so many people riding around on their bikes. I must admit, I was ridiculously jealous! Oh, how I'd love to have my own bike, to have the freedom to go wherever I wanted without relying on these blasted buses!

In Manchester we have a cycle shop called The Edinburgh Bicycyle Co-operative. I walked in through the automatic sliding doors and my eyes were instantly swept away by a pastel blue, retro-looking bike. I asked about it, it's called Poppy, and is made by a company called Pashley. As soon as I sat on it I fell in love. I just had to have it, there and then!

Only problem was Pashley make all their cycles to order, and this little baby was a show model that apparently been around a few of their stores. Hundreds of people had probably sat on it or took it for a test-ride. Damn. After getting over the disappointment of not being able to take my baby home with me that day, I put in my order.

And finally, she arrived today! I also ordered a basket, but that's still working it's way towards me...





Hand Built! Not in 1926 though... I hope


The Back half, obvs!


My not-in-anyway-annoying Bell! Brrrrring Brrrrrring coming through!


In all her glory!

I haven't rode a bicycle in years so at first I was a bit all over the place! But within half an hour I was riding her down Wilmslow Road alongside all the buses and cars, pretty scary. Especially the buses! We're quite fortunate here in Manchester, as Wilmslow Road has it's own cycle lane on both sides of the road!

Now the only problem I have is that I'd love to take her everywhere with me, but I'm petrified of leaving it outside (even with my two massive locks!) for fear of someone vandalising it or stealing parts off it... ARGH! What to do?


Action Shot!


I had this grin on my face the whole time! Ahhhh, SO happy! :)

Well, if you're ever in Manchester on Wilmslow Road and you see a Pastel Blue flash go by, now you'll know it's me! :)

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