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NAILS: Barry M Cyan Blue & Blueberry Ice Cream

I looked at my poor little nails the other day and thought: "When was the last time my nails went au naturel?" I really had a good, deep think about it and just couldn't think of a time when I didn't have some weird or wonderful colour emblazoned on them.

This cannot be good for them. When I'm wiping off some nail polish every other day (yes, I change colour that often), I see how weak and withered away my nails have become! They are definitely in need of some kind of nail treatment, suggestions most certainly welcome!

Going back to nail polish itself, how bloody addictive are they?! You go into Boots or Superdrugs or any other shop and see the shelves full of every colour conceivable. They are so gorgeous and just a slick of it updates your style.


Hopefully you noticed there are two shades of blue in the photo:

Blueberry Ice Cream is the lighter, more pastelly of the two, while the darker of the two is Cyan Blue - such a fun mid-toned blue! I spent a few minutes trying to decide which one I liked most but then gave up and put them both on at the same time, on different nails of course!

As much as I love Blueberry Ice Cream, it looks very similar to Barry M's Turquoise, so if you already own Turquoise I wouldn't recommend you buy it unless you're a die hard Barry M fan like moi!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love Barry M nail polishes, they are fun, opaque, fast drying, easy to apply and are a steal for £2.99! Perfect!


It looked so good the plant died!



One day I will own all of the Barry M shades, I feel so privilidged we have Barry M in the UK. You Americans may have your Make Up Forever & Sephora, but we've got our Barry, so ner! :P

I'm currently watching the Glastonbury coverage on BBC 3, on one hand I'm jealous but on the other it looks a bit dull this year. I've also booked a week in Dubai in July, I can't wait! As regular readers may know I went to Abu Dhabi last year and I so desperately wanted to hop over to Dubai but time prevented it, but there'll be no stopping me this time! Ahhhh, I CANNOT wait!

Have any of you tried any unusual nail combinations? What are your Nail Polishes of the moment?

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