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OUTFIT: Retro Green

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In my short time away from the blogosphere my addiction to eBay has heightened to critical levels! I saw an amazing retro style tea dress in the window of a second-hand shop here in Manchester called "Cow". I went up to the counter and they said it was reserved, gutted!

Ever since then I've spent day after day relentlessly searching for retro tea dresses on eBay. After many fruitless, joyless days I stumbled across that pot of gold I was searching for and it reared it's head in the form of a green polka dot dress.


The colour is a beautifully stunning shade of green with a massive injection of vibrancy and I just loved the fact that I've never came across anything like this before on the high street or in boutiques! And how much did this little gem set me back? £3. Yes, that's right, THREE of your finest English Pounds Sterling. Bargain!



Now that I had this awesome dress, me being me, I obviously needed to match it up with some jewellery, y'know a ring and necklace, that kinda thing. I found the perfect match in H & M, this green rock. My sister thinks it looks a bit like Kryptonite, of course I laughed nervously and told her that Kryptonite doesn't exist. I think she bought it. The plan for world domination is still on...


I paired it all up with a Pumpkin necklace I found completely by accident in my favourite clothing store in the world ever: Ark. It's made by a company called Junkshop. I'd never heard of them before but if they can keep producing little masterpieces like this they'll definitely be worth keeping an eye out for!


Retro Green Polka Dot Dress - eBay
Lace Cardigan - H & M Divided
Green Cluster Ring - H & M
Pumpkin Necklace - Junk Shop

Have you bought anything amazing off eBay at a ridiculously low price?
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