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Hello there... Remember me?

It's been a while hasn't it?

The past month or so has been ridiculously hectic, and to top it all off I've been ill for the last couple of weeks and even lost my voice! I don't think I've ever lost my voice before, it's quite a strange experience for someone who loves to talk as much as I do.

Do you ever have those days where you just wake up, get ready and want to just go out and buy something? Nothing in particular, just something! Yeah, well I was having one of those! This may come as a bit of a surprise to you but I haven't bought clothes for such a long time, maybe even for a whole month? WHAT.

Spring/summer fashion doesn't do anything for me. It's all about floral prints, and to me they just look cheap and tacky, a bit like curtains from the 80s or something. What I do like is the abundance of bright colours, and my wardrobe is like a rainbow. Mint, coral, lemon, sky blue (sadly no pot o' gold at the end..) I thought I owned it all.

That was until I walked in to Lipsy (I'm still not sure why!), I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this Lime Green top in the corner. Lime green doesn't sound like the most attractive colour for clothing but I absolutely needed it.

To make matters even more confusing, the top has a little leather black pocket, which for some reason makes the top look even more appealing! I don't even like leather.



Lime green pocket top - Lipsy
Black gold buttoned sheer shirt - Topshop (last season)
Black bandage bodycon skirt - Ark


Hamsa necklace - River Island
Cocktail ring - Primark (this season)

I absolutely love this ring, only £2 from everybody's favourite junk shop Primark. The colour is a pastelly sky-blue colour. A lot of peeps keep asking me if it's moonstone, it does look like one, doesn't it? The beauty of it, is it's reaction to different lighting.


Due to my bout of illness I've lost a bit of weight recently, purely because I've not been in the mood to eat at all. I hate losing weight this way, and now I'm desperately trying to put some of it back on. So, I've got lots of dinners lined with friends and fam in the next few weeks which should hopefully help the situation.

Lately I've been loving a band called Miami Horror, they're an 'Indie-tronic' band hailing from Australia. There's something about their sound that is so 80s but also so feel-good, they're on repeat on the iPod and climbing their way rapidly up my lists. I'd definitely recommend searching them out if you're looking for something different on your mp3 player.

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