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Guess who's back?

Hello Hello!

It feels like an eternity since my last post! Life has been hectic for the past few months, but today I finally found myself with some time to kill, so here I am. WITH MERMAID HAIR.

How on earth did this come about? Well, a couple of weeks ago I had one of those vivid dreams I tend to have. In the dream I was a mermaid and my hair was incredible, it had a mixture of turquoise and blue in it. Since then I've been pining to dye my hair.

So last week, I bit the bullet, bought the stuff and went over to my friend Kit's. He did a smashing job of adding pieces of turquoise and blue to the underneath sections on the right side of my hair. He had to bleach the life out of my hair with 12% peroxide before adding the colours from Directions in Turquoise & Midnight Blue.


It looks beautiful. Surprisingly my hair feels normal, I expected it to feel brittle and to break off a bit. I think it must be because I've used Macadamia Oil for a good few months, it's really strengthened my hair. While I was outside being papped, I thought I may aswell kill two stones with one bird and treat you all to an outfit of the day post too, how lucky are you?

By the way, whilst I've been gone, there's been another change. Can the super-observant among you spot it? ;)

 Photobucket Photobucket 

 The dip dye blouse is stunning, it reminds me a bit of those pink and white nougat bars from when I was a kid! I purchased it this week from Goldie London which can be found in the concession area of Topshop. At £45 it wasn't exactly a bargain, but the colours were so hypnotising, they forced me to buy it.


Dip dye cream pink blouse - Goldie London (this season)
 Striped black & white boob tube - Urban Outfitters (SO last season) 
Swallow print bodycon skirt - H&M Divided (this season) 
Slim gold buckle belt - ASOS (OLD) 

Have you ever followed your dreams, and made them into reality?

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