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What I'm loving right now: The Bindi

The Bindi.

It's been around for centuries.

Heck, I'm starting to wonder why these little gems have hit me. Sure, with an Indian heritage, they've always been there, but not there there!

A couple of weeks ago, I was on Wilmslow Road waiting for a bus, it was taking forever, as it does in the summer when the students have all gone home. Typically me, I got a bit bored and walked into the nearest shop, which just so happened to be Anand Fashions, an Indian clothes store that has a fair amount of jewellery and shoes.

Nothing was really doing anything for me, I was looking more out of politeness having walked in, than expectancy or even hope. And just as I made for the door, a little twinkling caught my eye. The bindis. A packet of tiny glistening little gems sparkling, grabbing me, making me buy them.



I am hooked, people.

 I've ordered loads of designs off the tinternet and ordered a few through father dear whilst on his trip to India. No doubt I'll be all bindi'd out in a few weeks. But for those few weeks, I'll make the most of my binids in the sun and sparkle my way around town.  

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