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REVIEW: Shahnaz Husain Shatex Protein Treatment Mask

One of my absolute favourite places to go beauty shopping is New Delhi. The problem is, it's not the sort of place you can get to easily every weekend, so I grab every chance I can to go there with both hands.

In December I did just that! We were travelling to Kathmandu, Nepal for a friend's wedding and made sure we got some time in Delhi afterwards. I picked up a few (by which I mean bucketloads of) beauty products whilst there.

One of the more popular brands over in India is Shahnaz Husain, her products are considered one of the 'Premium' brands alongside those such as Lakme. Anyway, she's been creating herbal beauty products including Kohls and even the odd foundation (which I'd love to try) since the 70s and has been going strong ever since.

Sadly though, her products don't seem to make it to our shores quite so often. You can buy them from websites that ship to the UK, but the shipping charges leave you thinking they've commissioned an Oil Tanker specially for your order. For that reason, whenever I do go to India, I go Cosmetic Crazy.

Back to Shahnaz, and I remember the first product of hers I used was 'Shatex' back when I was 18. I was told at the time it would help clear my teenage acne and tighten my pores. Did it work? Put it this way, I always go back to it.

Shahtex claims: "An effective combination of Herbal ingredients which helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin. It makes the skin look clear, smooth and firm."

"Apply on face and neck, avoiding the lips and area around eyes. Wash off when dry, preferably with milk and then water." I skip the milk part...


It comes in a tub, which isn't the most hygenic, however there really isn't any other option. It would never go through a pump, and squeezing it out of a tube would be an absolute nightmare. It's not the easiest mask to apply, it's really thick and clotty and can't be slapped on like any ordinary facial mask.


It can be stirred up to reduce the clotting but it's such a hassle! Instead, I scoop out a lump the size of a 50p piece and mix in a little water to smoothen it out and make it just that little bit easier to apply, then I slather it on to ye ol' face.  Using this method, a little really does go a long way. 

By this time, the herbal-ish scent with just a hint of something citrussy begins to fill the air as you wait for it to start drying out. That'll take around 5-10 minutes, and infact it gets so dry, you'd better not be watching any comedy or sitting next to a clown, unless you want to crack a smile, yes, literally crack

Instead I hide away in my room and stay away from my phone incase Aysha decides to Whatsapp me, this woman has me in stitches. My face definitely wouldn't appreciate it.


Does it live up to its claims? Quite simply, yes. 

By using this once or twice a week I find that my Skin feels firmer and super smooth, to the point where you will want to keep stroking your face, haha!

I can also see a significent improvement on the appearance of the skin. It looks much more refined and clearer. It definitely perks up the skin, making it appear brighter and glowy! 

I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin as it can be quite drying as the mask is Multani Mitti (Clay) based which soaks up the sebum.

Back in my teens when I had ridiculous acne, it helped control the oilyness of my skin and cleared my acne to a certain extent. It's not a miracle worker however it did reduce some of the acne and begin to bring it under control. And as my pores were the size of craters on the moon, it helped reduce the size of them. YES! 

Would I re-purchase? 

I already have. I find myself coming back to this mask time and time again. Just wish the availability was better in the UK. A 50g tub would set you back approximately £4.00.

Have you tried any products by Shahnaz Husain?

Hope you're all having a great Bank Holiday weekend, I was supposed to go to Creamfields until I saw the weather forecast. Me + Mud = No. Glad I didn't after yesterdays abandonment, ha! 

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