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LooptyHoops Love!

You all know me for my love of nail polish and shoes; but one thing I refuse to ever leave the house not wearing is earrings. There is something about a great pair of earrings that awakens your entire face and makes your eyes sparkle. Though I myself usually opt for a pair of oversize diamond studs for their practicality and sophistication; I have an absolute obsession (that developed during my I-want-to-be-Kelly-Kapowski-from-Saved-by-the-Bell years) with huge hoop earrings. Thus the reason why I spend countless hours each day perusing the pages of LooptyHoops, which features a ton of gorgeous earring selections; and one of my absolute favorite features…a sizing guide! Check out my current earring crushes below!

Endless Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
Large and in-charge! I'd pair these with an off-the-shoulder top and playful pony for a daytime outing with my besties!

Multi-Colored Twisted Oval Hoop Earrings
The subtle pale blue, rose pink, gold, and sage green shades are the perfect way to bring out the color of your eyes; while the twisted oval shape is an unexpected touch. I'd pair them with a safari-inspired ensemble!

Scrolled CZ Hoop Earrings
A hoop style that Marie Antoinette would undoubtedly approve of. The scrolling reminds me of Versailles - tres glamorous! And the blend of sterling silver and gold? The ultimate in versatility!

14k Yellow Gold Large Endless Hoop Earrings
Pair these with a messy updo and you'll be dripping sophistication!

Dark Chocolate 14k Wavy Hoops
One part glamour. One part edgy rebellion. These are my pick for the perfect Girls Night Out!

Which pair of LooptyHoops are you coveting?

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Thanks to LooptyHoops for the picture.

FTC Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with LooptyHoops. All opinions expressed therein are my own.
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