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04/13 in Instagram!


1) LOLs with the GBF 2) Tea break! 3) Gold capped turquoise ballets :) 4) Manchester's SkyRider 5) Shoe & Ladders 6) In action 7) Why indeed.. 8) Stars on mah nails* 9) Monmonmon 10) Rowers in Salford Quays 11) Added some indigo onto the hair 12) Tofu in Soy dressing, oohnomnomnom 13) Clock on Vinyl 14) My first attempt at Ombre nails! 15) Apocalyptic 16) How kitsch 17) Mugshot 18) Big Bro's VLM medal! 19) Home-made Karahi 20) Mother's kithan 21) Grand chandelier 22) I'm wearing pants! 23) Wedding ring made by yours truly 24) Happyhappyhappy! :D

April was a month of discovery for me and filled with fun!

I finally started to experiment more with make up. I purchased skinny trousers which is a big deal for me as I live in tights, I've attempted to use my eyshadows that have started to pile up. I also tested out ombre nails which I cannot get over how easy they are to do! 

I also learned how to make jewellery. Cutting, moulding, soldering and polishing. I'm still rusty but practising in the mean time at home in order to better myself. I'm feeling quite positive about it all!

It was the month of re-connecting with friends, both old and new. I love to meet people, and I'm quite chatty in real life, ha!

Here's hoping May is even better although I'm bed bound at the minute due to being struck down with tonsillitis. Boohiss!  
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