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OOTD: Unicorns for all Seasons

At the moment it's as if we're stuck in between seasons, the weather can't quite decide whether it's Winter, Spring or Summer and constantly switches between the three. It makes picking the right outfit just that little bit more tricky, I don't want to find myself too hot or too cold. So I set about looking for a lightweight jumper that I can shove into my handbag and wear it over my midi dresses (Ok so I'm a little crazy for Midis at the moment!)

A friend of mine recently purchased the Bhanjara t-shirt from Drop Dead, and you know me I love my mythological creatures: Mermaids, Fairies and even Unicorns... Which leads me nicely to this perfect jumper I spotted online. I purchased it immediately for £60, which is a bit pricey for a thin knitted piece like this but it is so completely different to what you see on the high street. So in my book, it's definitely worth it!

For this outfit, I paired the jumper with my black velvet shorts and some beautiful rings...











I purchased this set of rings from H & M in March and I've been wearing them compulsively! Even to the point where I bought both the gold and silver sets. I love the different sizes of the rings and the way they stack up and worn above the knuckles, sometimes it's the simple things...


How gorgeous are these rings?! The blue-stoned ring was purchased from eBay for £8 and is genuine vintage. The silver wedding ring? Well I have a confession... I made it! Yup, I've learnt a lot about how to make jewellery recently: cutting & moulding metals, soldering and polishing. I'm practising more at home and will see how it goes. I've got some sketches and designs and I hope to pursue it as a side project. Eeeee!


Monokeros or even Unicorn Jumper - Drop Dead Clothing LINK!
Black Velvet Shorts - TOPSHOP
Milo Round Sunglasses - TOPSHOP LINK
Gold Mid Finger Rings or Above the Knuckle Rings - H & M
Irregular Metal Gold & Silver Bracelets - H & M (this season!)
Acrylic You're a Gem Ring - Ted Baker
Blue stoned Vintage Ring - eBay
Silver Wedding Ring - Halima - I made the ring :b 

You might have noticed my hair looks a little different today. Firstly I've coloured the underneath sections Indigo using Fudge Paintbox and La Riche Directions as a taster to see it how it looks. It's really growing on me and I'm contemplating going all the way up to the roots leaving a Turquoise Ombre. Secondly, I've tried out Victory Rolls on my hair! I have to say a big thank you to my friend YouTube for all the help as I struggled at first. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. It can be a little tricky though what with all the layers in my hair, but backcombing and hairspray helps :)
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