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OUTFIT: Wrapped in LOVE

Hello hello my lahs!

As I've been such a good girl lately, not really purchasing all that many clothes for a good while (mainly because so much of the high street stuff is mleh), I had one of my little wanders into Topshop. Whilst there I came across this pretty little midi tube skirt.

It has LOVE printed vertically on to it four times, twice at the front and twice at the back. I had a quick look at the pricetag expecting a fair old hit to find it was priced at just £22. Not only that, it stated that the item was part of the 'Fashion Targets Breast Cancer' campaign, so £6 of every sale goes towards Breakthrough Breast Cancer!

I have to say that without this label highlighting such a worthy cause I'd have probably just walked off, gone home, had dreams all week about it and ended up back in Topshop only to find that they only have size 12 or 16 left. This seems to be my mentality lately, I think it's because my wardrobes are crammed full and fit to burst I actually feel a bit guilty buying more clothes! I think now that Ramadan is just around the corner I'll be donating some clothes to charity. I really struggle to let go though, so perhaps the holy month will give me the kick I need to just do it!

The midi tube skirt itself is quite long, reaching just below my calves. This is a definite no-no for a petite lass like me so I've actually been sporting it as a boob tube / bodycon type thing until I get myself a sewing machine to alter it.

I paired it with this absolutely stunning Velvet mesh Kimono with lots of beaded detailing and tassels. I have a strong distaste for tassels but I've had to break my own rules for this. Why? I picked it up in a Bedouin stall in the Old City of Jerusalem. After a bit of solid haggling (the best part of travelling!) I managed to drag the price down from 550 Shekels (£100) to 200 (£36)!


Fashion Targets Love Tube Skirt (worn as a boob tube dress) - TOPSHOP LINK
Beaded Velvet Mesh Tassled Kimono - Old City of Jerualem 

I'm seriously loving this Kimono lately, the weather in Manchester has taken a bit of a turn for the worse (as if that's possible!) and I find myself wrapping this around me to keep me toasty, and if necessary the trenchcoat even makes the odd appearance. No doubt the weather will pick up again now that Ramadan is just around the corner, typical!



I'm not always photogenic!

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