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OUTFITS: Mesmerising in Monochrome - Charlize's Chevron Kimono


 Hello hello!

It definitely won't be news to my regular readers that I have an undying love for all things Kimono, and as each week goes by it seems that my collection just grows and grows! But I don't just buy any old Kimono, no no no! I look for the ones made with gorgeously floaty, feminine fabrics and dreamy prints. I just love the versatility of them and could easily wear Kimonos 365 days a year.

A couple of months back I came across Charlize Kimonos on Instagram. They're a brand new, indie company formed by two Australian mums that focus 100% on kimono goodness. Heaven!

There are plenty of kimonos knocking about on the high streets and the bigger online retailers nowadays, however it can be bit of a struggle to find the right prints. I want something different, something unique. The ladies at Charlize have got it spot on. All you have to do is pick the fabric you like, choose from 5 different lengths and wait for your garment to be hand-sewn and shipped. It may take a good few weeks to drop through your mailbox, but it's worth the wait.

I chose the Chevron kimono, though in all honesty if money wasn't a factor I'd have ordered everything... TWICE!! But alas, my mad experiments in the basement to grow a money tree have failed so far. So I gave my measurements to these lovely ladies and a few weeks later, it had arrived.

I have to say, when I tore open the parcel and pulled out the kimono I was a little surprised at the cut. I'm much more used to the fitted style, but this was much looser and more like a cape. I wasn't 100% sure about it at first, but after parading around for a while in front of the mirror (el oh el), it really grew on me. This truly was unique.

It also inspired me to go all out monochrome for the first time in ages, so I hunted through my wardrobe, ended up in Narnia, had tea with Mr Tumnus, came back again and found this old black and white pleated dress I bought from Topshop. I have no idea when I bought this, except to say that it definitely wasn't recently! I wrapped my favourite gold studded skinny belt around it, et voila!





Black and White Heavy Pleated Dress - TOPSHOP
Chevron Kimono - Charlize Kimonos

Sadly Charlize don't have a website up yet (not that I know of anyway), however you can place an order on their Facebook (LINK!) or via their Instagram (LINK!). Now just try explaining that to your mother, as if the internet and eBay weren't baffling enough:

 'You bought a what from where?!'

When payday comes around, I'll be back on their Instagram going crazy for Kimonos. Take that high street.

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