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Models So Hungry, They Eat Runway

I KNOW these runway trip-ups and falls have been featured everywhere from YouTube to Access Hollywood and on millions of fashion blogs everywhere, but since fashion week is approaching and nymag did a feature on them, I couldn't help myself to do a recap on it. It's like when someone trips, it is instinctual to giggle, or maybe I'm just a cruel and heartless bitch and have had many embarassing tripping incidents in my own life that I feel entitled to laugh at another's humiliation. Especially if it's a model, because they need a little embarassment in their lives to offset their skinny, beautiful, yummy cocaine-filled lives.
Jessica Stam, ChloƩ, Fall 2006: One of the worst kinds of falls: when forehead hits floor.

Milana Bogolepova, Dior, Resort 2008: So, according to nymag, she tripped, came back up, and tripped again. Tipsy much?

Elise Crombez, Proenza Schouler, Spring 2007: It doesn't really matters that Elise fell; I was just so transfixed by her perfect tan.

Kamila W. at Vivienne Westwood, Spring 2007: Okay, now this fall, was excruciating. I actually caught this on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, of all places; that was how treacherous and widespread it was. It was bad enough she fell the first time, but I thought, well, at least she picked herself back up. And then the teetering began. Then the tottering...then finally her arse hit pavement...all whilst holding on to that damned watering can.

Iekeliene Stange: Marc Jacobs, Spring 2007: She became every self-proclaimed teenage fashionista's idol when she kicked off her hazardous MJ clompers and paraded the runway barefoot.

Lara Stone: Karl Lagerfeld, Spring 2007: Slip and slide runway. Does anyone even remember this? Shes so major these days, no one can recall.
Tiiu Kuik, Oscar De La Renta, Fall 2004: Now that came out of nowhere.

Naomi Campbell, Vivienne Westwood, 1993: The most infamous wipeout ever. Vengefully replayed over and over again on fat-arse Tyra's talk show and "modelling" competition.

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