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The supermodel Veruschka conjures up many images: writhing like a sexthing for a snapping photographer in Blow Up, towering over everyone as an amazon, or covered in body paint as an animalistic prowess. Born Vera von Lehndorff in East Prussia, her dad tried to kill Hitler with the German Resistance, but failed and was assassinated. She stayed in various camps and stints in 13 schools and children called her a 'stork'. And usually when one is made fun of in school by shitty little kids for being gawky and tall, they become supermodels.

Starting out as a virtual unknown in NYC, and being dissed by Eileen Ford, she created the moniker of Veruschka, a name which pretty much gives off a whiff of sexuality, and adapted a alluring Russian background that rapt the fashion world. She appeared on 11 covers of Vogue and adapted a penchant for body paint. She took advantage of being a sixties bombshell and hooked up with a lineup of those virile Hollywood leading men back in the days (Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, etc.) She was always my favorite supermodel, what with her mysterious persona, penchant for promiscuity, and goodness I wanted her legs.

Currently, Veruschka roams around and lives in Berlin and is a devoted cat lady and artist.
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