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Revlon Spring Summer 2010: Lilac Pastelle Nail Enamel

My latest obsession has been pale, pastel sort of shades for the nails. And as soon as I saw Revlon's Lilac pastelle in my local superdrug, I was sold! As I picked it up, I noticed they also had a minty shade called "minted" which is part of the Spring/Summer collection. What was even better was when I saw a sign above the nail polishes; "2 Revlon nail polishes for £8". Woot! Obvs I bought both of them.

Revlon's "Lilac Pastelle" (Left) & "Minted" (Right)
As you can tell from the picture above, they look sooo pretty and springy!

I've actually got "Lilac Pastelle" on my nails right now.

"Lilac Pastelle"
Such a gorgeous pastel lilac. But let me tell you, it was a PAIN to apply. Many a times it turned out streaky. But finally I managed to make it "work". The consistency is quite runny, so you have to apply a thin layer which looks transparent once it's dried. However it doesn't take too long to dry, so apply 2 more thin layers and it's completely opaque! I've had this on for about 3 days now and not a single bit of chipping in sight, impressive!

I did spot Revlon's "Coral Reef" & "Peach Petal" lipglosses in Superdrug but resisted purchasing. I am now longing for them. Someone please tell me they're not worth it?!

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