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Eeeeee, skin care haul!

C'mon, who loves skin care? ~hands up. I am without a doubt a skin care product junkie, I actually have a box dedicated to skin care products and it's seriously in danger of bursting. In it there's hundreds of face masks, all nicely wrapped up. Mental note: Use them up Halima, running out of space here!

First up in this haul, I bought a cleanser as I'd recently finished my previous one (Biotique's Bio Berberry cleanser). Biotique is a popular skin & hair care brand in India. The cleanser was "alright" and that's about it. 

I'd heard some amaazing reviews about Neutrogena's 'Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash/Mask' and in particular how it's meant to be be excellent at combatting spots, woo! I'd be using this in conjunction with my DHC cleansing oil which is due to finish soon too, thinking of getting Nude's cleansing oil after reading InnerBelle's glowing review on it.

I'm currently using Extra virgin olive oil to moisturise my body. It's amaazing, so why would I even think about buying something else? Well, the bottle just wasn't fancy enough to be in my bathroom, hehe!

So another item added to my basket was Boots Botanics 'Nourishing Body Oil'. I'm a massive fan of body oils, I feel they're so much better than regular body moisturisers. Oils in my opinion keep the skin moisturised longer than body moisturisers. They also feel so 'right'. Like after I've showered, my skin feels super dry. When I rub a good amount of oil in, it feels like it's replacing the lost natural oils.


I am generally quite good when it comes to facial exfoliators, eye creams, cleansers & stuff like that. I do limit myself to just one (or two..) of each and make sure I use them up before I rush down to Boots and shove a load of products in the basket.

I've been through a hell of a lot of products in my time :P I've found a few HG products such as extra virgin olive oil, Keihls 'Avocado Eye Cream' & Shahnaz Husain's 'Diamond Scrub'. But when it comes to moisturisers, I am usually left wanting more. Does that make sense?

My skin type is Combination and I suffer from pigmentation around my jawline and mouth area due to some anti biotics I took for acne last year :(

Now at the moment I'm using Shahnaz Husain's 'Diamond Rehydrant Lotion', which is an anti ageing cream that's more suitable for during the day and doesn't really help with the pigmentation. Don't get me wrong, I do LOVE this cream, it helps control shine yet still delivers moisture where I need it, and skin does feel slightly plumper.

So whilst I was in Boots, I came across these 2 babies..

Anyone heard of Lumicen? Priced at £30.99, it's not cheap. But it claims to help with pigmentation and helps brighten the skin. The instructions say to use this every night for 3 weeks, and then you you use it on and off after that. So on the alternate nights, I'll be using Bio Oil which is also known for evening out the skin tone.

Sorry about the ramble-y post, Sweetpeas. And thanks for bearing with me. Here's hoping to waking up one day and seeing glowing, even skin. If only! I'll let you all know how I get on with these products, especially the Lumicen!
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