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ME ME ME Blush Me! - Benefit styleee!

I was out and about in the Arndale Centre on Saturday. I took my normal stroll into Superdrug. Usually I walk out empty-handed unless I'm looking for a particular item. But out of the corner of my eye, something stole my attention...

Me Me Me. They are a cosmetic brand only available in Superdrug. There's not much about them on t'internet which is quite strange! This brand do dupes of Benefit's popular products but at a fraction the price. Such as High Beam.

Anyhoos, on Saturday, I couldn't help but notice that they had 4 new blushers out that looked suspiciously like Benefit's blushers. They cost £6.50 each, which was their introductory price. Think the normal RRP is around £7.50? but yeah, £6.50 is not bad at all, so I bought all 4! :D


Clockwise from top right: Bronze, Coral, Pink & Rouge.

The whole packaging looks just like Benefit's blushers with a nifty little mirror hidden away in the lid. :)


I was going to do a FOTD with the blushers on but I'm having such a bad skin day, or even week. I've had a horrible cluster of zits on my left cheek, didn't want to subject you guys to those vivid, grotesque images. Yuck. So in the mean time, swatches will have to do for now. :)


Pink - A gorgeous dolly pink shade with silver flecks in. When applied onto the cheeks it comes up as a pink sheen which is super flattering. It's definately buildable without it getting the chalky effect.


Coral - Does what it says on the tin (or even box..). this is a peachy coral colour. Benefit's coralista is slighlty more pink toned than this. I'm actually wearing this. A friend commented on how it complimented my olive skin tone beautifully. Get in!


Rouge - This is a beautiful coral-ish red. You need to apply this with a light hand to avoid that dreaded clown look. I'd probably sport this with winged top liner and neutral lips.


Bronze - This is one of my faves! I'm wearing Coral with this on top of my cheekbone. My skin looks GLOWY! This is more of a bronze highlighter. It's an incredibly shimmery taupe brown but won't make you look like a disco ball if you apply this with a light hand. The colour reminds me of the shimmery brown colour from the NARS Rajasthan duo.

So all in all, my conclusion of the blushers:
  • Incredibly pigmented.
  • Pink is definately buildable. whilst with the others, you will need to go easy on the application to avoid looking 'too done'.
  • All blushers are infused with sparkles but won't make you look crazily glittery but more shimmery.
  • Does not have that dreaded chalky texture.
  • Priced under £10. In my opinion, BARGAIN!
  • The brushes are useless. I could never apply a blusher without a rounded brush. Instead I applied this with my NARS 06 Blush brush (LOVE this brush, it's oh so soft.)
  • Staying power is average. At the end of a working day, it was faded but the blush was still noticable. Yay!
These blushers have definitely made an impression on me. I will be venturing out into the world of ME ME ME again in the not so distant future.

Have you tried any of these blushers? Do you know much about the company's background? And just out of curiosity, are they available anywhere else in the world?

Until next time

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