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Collective Jewellery haul (picture heavy)

To some, I am known as: "The Girl with the Fabulous Jewellery". OK, I lie. Nobody calls me that! But if I had a pound for every time a randomer on the street stopped me to comment on or ask where I got my jewellery from I'd have a lot more money than I do now!

Being honest, the collection of Jewellery I've built up over the last 12 months is pretty amazing! I never get bored of the stuff I have and I'm constantly on the look-out for new pieces to add.


This haul is a couple of pieces I've picked up in the past few weeks. And there won't be too many words in this post either, the pictures speak for themselves! :)


They sell some of the most stunning pieces of jewellery I have ever seen. And the prices are not bad either.


PARIS necklace! This cost me around £10? Which is not not bad at all. I can imagine if this was in Topshop, they would probably charge around £15 for it IMO. I love how it's clustered famous landmarks of this beautiful city onto one necklace. It is absolutely stunning!


My BOOM BOX! Another necklace. Think this cost around £10 as well. I love the cute little headphones with it.



DJ Deck ring! It's actually adjustable and made out of solid brass. And it's look HUGE on my finger. I la la love huge, statement rings.


Can you tell what this is? Yep, it's a hot air balloon necklace. How adorable is the little teddy sat in the basket with little hearts all around the basket?



This globe necklace is also HUGE! It's got the peace sign hanging off it. Love the detailing on this. Well, all of Galibardy's jewellery is incredibly detailed. Yay!


This mix tape necklace is also another stunner and cost around £10.

Seriously, words just cannot describe how much I love the ring and necklaces. They're all very well detailed and don't look like any of those shabby ornament necklaces you get with very little detail on.

If you're lemming for some of these pieces but don't live anywhere near London, fear not! They have an online store. HUZZAH! :)


My jewellery haul cannot be complete without a few bits from Topshop, oh no.


Scissor necklace. I've been looking for a necklace like this for a while now. Trust Topshop to read my mind, go ahead and manufacture it. ;)


My love affair with two-finger rings is on the rocks. Why? Put quite simply, I've moved on. I actually found a 3 finger ring! And it's encrusted with diamantes for that extra 'blingyness'.

And last but not least..


Fate brought me and this beauty together. I say fate, because I never usually give Miss Selfridge a second glance as I walk past it on the high street. But for whatever reason, on this particular day I wandered in and struck (fake) gold when I found this...



A real hourglass! Attatched onto a long gold chain.

And there you have it!

I did buy a few more rings and necklaces but they appear to have gone AWOL. I kid you not. My jewellery collection has got a bit of out hand. I've started finding rings under the bed, necklaces in the bathroom, earrings in the kitchen and so on! I just have wayy too much! It started to get me a bit down that all my jewellery was just lying around as I've ran out of storage space.

My hubby nailed a few nails into the wall for me to hang my necklaces off. And I just recently ordered a ring holder online which has a 100 slots. Phew. Hopefully this will help organise my life (or rings at least). Until I buy my 101st ring that is...

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