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NAILS: Gosh - Hot Coral



Yes, I am coral crazy. First it was the lipsticks and now onto the nail polish. I bought GOSH's Hot Coral a couple of months back but didn't really wear it until a couple of weeks ago. I do own a fair amount of red nail colours, but when ever I wear them, I feel as if it's too grown up for me. Such as OPI Vodka & Caviar. Don't get me wrong, it's stunning, but a bit too 'old lady' for me if you catch my drift?

GOSH Hot Coral is probably the only red colour I feel comfortable wearing. It's red, but also has a fair amount of coral in it too, it's slap bang in the middle between red and coral. And I think it's the perfect red without losing it's sense of fun.


My only bone to pick with this is that it chips like crazy! AND you need to apply 3 bloody coats to make it completely opaque. I found this with GOSH Holographic as well. It applies like a dream but as for longevity? Absolute PANTS. It chips the very next day. GAH.


I have discovered an amazing product that makes it last a lot more longer than it should. And yes, I have yet again jumped late onto the bandwagon:


Oh, hello you <3 font="">

GOSH's hot coral has a pretty shiny finish, but it's not as glossy as I would like it to be. But one slick of Seche Vite and Voila! I instantly have a glass-like finish and chip resistant nails. Although, it will start to chip away on day 3, which is not bad, considering GOSH's poor longevity. It makes me wonder, how on earth did I live without it? Hurray for Seche Vite!

Which nail colours have you been sporting lately?

P.S - I hope you will all join me in wishing Ben Duffy from Fenech-Soler a speedy and succesful recovery from Testicular Cancer. If you don't know who Fenech-Soler are, then do check out their latest single "Demons":

I was supposed to be seeing them playing at Manchester Academy 3 on Wednesday, but unfortunately, the news came out as a bit of a shock and they had to cancel their UK tour, naturally of course. Get well soon, Ben! Love. Love. Love.
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