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OOTD - Check it out!

Bonjour ma petites.

Hope you've all had a good weekend! I was gutted with the fact it was super sunny during the week, but in the weekend the sun decided to play hide and seek with the clouds, evil, evil sun! :@

At the weekend I was living in hope that the sun would come out to play. So I dressed kind of summery. I got out my brand spanking new Topshop Check shirt. It's turquoise, with a bit of pink and white. One word = belle. (Yes, that's 2 french words so far, please note I am not fluent in french. Obvs). I do love me a bit of check shirts. Although most of the check shirts that I've come across haven't really jumped out at me. But this, THIS is definitely incomparable. It must be the the blend of turquoise & pink, which is very distinctive. Topshop call it the "Ice Cream Shirt", can you see why? :s




Ice Cream Check Skinny Western Shirt - TOPSHOP (Current Season)
Gold plaited Belt - TOPSHOP
Black Basic Bodycon Skirt  - H & M
Black Basic Vest - H & M
Gold Retro Cassette Necklace - Galibardy

I am seriously infatuated with the shirt. I can see me wearing this out in the summer. They had this in petite as well. I bought the standard one in a size 10, I do like my shirts oversized :)

And I ADORE the gold plaited belt. It goes with absolutely everything! And it looks exceptional over black.


Last week, the new Friendly Fires song "Live Those Days Tonight" was premiered on Radio 1 and I was so hyped up about it. After hearing it, I thought, "Hmmm.. this is okay.." but it's grown on me since. SO happy they're back! And the song just screams SUMMER!

I remember hearing the song "Paris" for the first time in 2009 on the BBC's coverage of Glastonbury and instantly getting hooked on it, it just seemed so epic! Straight away I was on iTunes downloading the album, and that's where the love affair started.

So, Friendly Fires fans or for those of you interested in hearing sweet melodies, this is for you!:

Roll on May the 16th. BOOM.

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