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Spring spree!


Today I headed into town after work in search of a new perfume, as it seems like most of mine are close to running out. And why on earth do they all start running out at the same time? Do perfumes have some sort of competition to see who can run out first? URGH.

It's been a while since I last went on the lookout for some perfume, and I was asking for suggestions on Twitter. I was kinda feeling Tom Ford Black Orchid would be something I would like. Rhamnousia reckoned it smelt of roast beef with an afterkick of bleach! Makes you wonder what kind of fare is served up in her household ;p

Needless to say, I avoided the Roast Beef & Bleach and ended up buying Chloe instead..



This smells gorgeous! If you love your sweet florals but want something that smells totally unique, this is the one for you. When I had a quick whiff of this, it smelt slightly of Shake & Vac? You know, the carpet sprinkler that you'd hoover up? Haha :)

Once I picked up the perfume, the buying didn't stop there. I headed down to Selfridges and bought NARS' "Red Square" on Zara's recommendation. There's a bit of a tale behind the purchase too!

I went to the counter and asked if they had any Red Square, the sales assistant must have been gone a good ten minutes when it hit me: I was at the Bobbi Brown counter!! WTF?! So barely seconds after realising this, the sales assistant comes back and says: "I'm sorry, but we've ran out of Red Square." I didn't have the heart to tell her that the reason she couldn't find it was because your company don't make it!

Now, feeling slightly embarrassed, I walked towards the NARS counter with tail firmly between legs and bought it. And check out how awesome it looks:


The clue should have been the big NARS stamped on it!


Just recently I've been feeling a bit bored of my current crop of eyeshadows. After trawling through blog after blog of shadow after shadow I felt that these three colours are the essentials that all women (and some men) really must possess. I was pretty shocked then to find that I didn't own any of them. Not a single one. Only thing to do then, was to bob over to MAC and rectify that, like now!


From L - R: Antiqued, Naked & Woodwinked. All from MAC


And here they are with their clothes off...


Antiqued. Up close and personal.


Woodwinked ;)


Naked Lunch. Reminds me of sandwiches. Looks nothing like sandwiches though!


Les DerriƩres

Following from my mini-splurge at MAC I developed a bit of a taste for some nail polishes. I have quite literally hundreds of nail polishes, but a lot of them have gone a bit gloopy :(

So I wandered into Urban Outfitters..


Urban Outfitters Milky Matte 1 - Milky and Matte


Will there be a Matte Milk 2?

I'd tried a few of the polishes from Urban Outfitters before and really loved the colours, they certainly can't be accused of churning out the same old dull colours. I saw Matte Milk, which is just a Matte white. That looks like Milk. And I love milk, so I thought I'd own it :) I'm seriously digging the pale colours at the minute, white may be a bit extreme, but hey ho...

This is not the end of it. I craved more sweet smelling nail polishes. Yes, I like the smell of the fumes... but I'm not addicted... Haha! I fancied a bit of a change of scenery though. It can be a bit tedious routinely hunting down slight variations in colour at Boots and Superdrugs with the usual high street brands. I saw that American Apparel was only a few feet away, so I thought: "Why not?"

And here's what I ended up with:


American Apparel (From L - R): Butter, Rouge & Summer Peach


They look like those Mini Milk ice lollies from my childhood... mmmm Milky

So last but by no means least we have the wonderfully pastelly pale looking colours of American Apparel, I know the Rouge isn't exactly pastel but I didn't fancy going home with four pastel nail polishes. Three is acceptable, but four is just overboard, obvs.

This concludes my mammoth haul, now if you'll excuse me I'm skint so I need to go list some old junk on eBay. Well, either that or sit in my room rocking back and forth waiting for pay day...

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