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OOTD - I'm too sexy for my mint blouse


The title to this post actually makes me LOL. I was stuck for words when it came to titling this post so asked my lovely followers on Twitter, and that bloody Amina (:P) came up with this title. Haha, she cracks me up this lady. Bloomin' legend.

Right, onto the the actual post. I recieved a couple of e-mails from you lovely lot asking what sort of clothes I wear to work. I work in an office, so you need to dress all officey. But I find the box standard work kind of outfits are simply boring! And don't you just hate that plain black pencil skirt with a white shirt look? CRINGE.

I like to play around with colours and love the idea of contrasting brighter colours with darker colours. And I don't know about you, but personally I don't like to show my arms, I'm not insecure about them, I think they are slim looking but honestly do not have a clue what the reason is. :S

Here's what I wore today:






The boy making me larrf.

Sheer sleeved mint blouse - FM Boutique
Black bandage bodycon skirt - Ark
Gold buttoned cardigan - Topshop
Amour ring - Asos
Scissor necklace - Freedom, Topshop
Black leggings!

Yep, the sleeves are sheer but I don't think it's appropriate to wear to work. I'd save it for somewhere else such as going out for dinner or what not :) Also, leggings are actually allowed in my office, just as long it's worn with a long top or dress to avoid that dreaded camel toe look you see mainly teenagers sporting on a saturday in Primark.

Loving the colour mint at the moment. I wish I would come across a mint parka! Loving a bit of coral & peach too as you guys may know. Yes, the brighter, the better! :D

I also wear a lot of dresses too. If it's black, I'd wrap a gold belt around it and stick on a brightly coloured cardigan like turquoise or red.

And there you have it!

Also, I'd like to say I am gutted I couldn't make it to the National Beauty Blogging Event this week on Monday. I really missed my chance on meeting some fab bloggers. However, I am planning on going down to London this summer for a chance to meet a couple of bloggers.

Man, I love networking.
Happy Wednesday!
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