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Love for my Coral Parka


For the past week I've reeeally wanted to blog! I've got lots and lots of stoof to talk about but my laptop screen is flooked. So it's off to be repaired. But should be back with me by Tuesday, hopefully! Mental note: Never buy an Acer. They break waay too easily. I'm currently blogging via an 8 year old DELL pc, and it SUCKS! :(

I've been heavily relying on my crappy Blackberry to keep up with the world. And oh my, please do not get me started on Blackberry. Let's just say I am glad my contract ends in March. Hallelujah!

I've been dying to show you guys my new coral Parka from New Look. For weeks now, I've been eyeing up this Parka. But the brightness of the colour scared me. Yes, I'm a bright lipstick lover, but for clothes? TOO SCARED! But yesterday, I finally jumped into the deep end and went on an impulse buying mission. Yeah, I know, DANGEROUS!

At first, I was unsure if I made the right choice. So I took it home, tried it on and just thought "Bleh, DO NOT WANT TO KEEP THIS". So today I was on my way into town to return it, stupidly I didn't wear my coat outside and it was absolutely FREEZING. So I had no choice but to stick on the parka, and guess what, I began warming up to it. Cold wind a blessing in disguise? Maybe...


Just being me :)

Sorry for the shite picture. It was dark. Bleh. Roll on summer when I can finally take pictures in the sunshine. I'm sure most bloggers can relate.

In other news:

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Asma from StyleFrost for declaring her love for my blog :P I am seriously flattered and honoured to be picked as one of her favourites. If you'd like to read her little feature on me, click HERE

Normal blogging shall resume next week, hopefully! :)

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