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Serious Obsession: Vintage Handbags


Anyone have the Friday feeling? Ooooooh yeah. It feeeeeels ohh sooooo goooood.

Recently, I've had this mad-crazy thing going on for Vintage bags. It all started completely by accident, I was wandering around in Topshop (as was usual at the time) looking for something to exchange with another failure of an internet purchase from their site. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a beauty of a bag. You may have seen it HERE...

It is a real beauty isn't it? But there's a problem with it. It stains real easily. If it goes within a metre of grass it gets a green tinge! Urgh! So I get this amazing bag and it's colour goes greeny/browny/blacky tinged!

I'd noticed the shop 'Cow' seemed to be a bit of a stylish second-hand vintage clothing and accessories shop . It's right next to the bus station in Manchester, and It feels like I spend half my life waiting for buses so I thought I'd go for a browse while I waited...

In there, they had a shed-load of vintage bags. Most of them were a bit rubbish but they had a few nice ones priced at about £15 - £20, bearing in mind these were second-hand cast-offs I thought it was a bit pricey. As it turned out, my bus turned up (on time for a change) so I had to make a mad dash accross the road.

While on the bus it occurred to me that these bags probably just came from a charity shop at a fraction of the price. All I'd have to do would be sift through all the mud to find a true gem. One bright sunday morning I went to my local charity shops, and found that I'd have to do a whole lot of sifting to find my gems!

But, alas! There was a rare gem. Check this badboy out:


This Burgundy bag stuck out like a sore thumb amid all the junk in the shop. This is uniquely coloured, distinct, stylish and smells amazing... or not!


It's like the Ferrari of vintage bags: it's red, it's sleek, it's sexy but it's got no room in the boot!


Another excellent place to buy old things. Ha! Type in "Vintage" or "Vtg" and a ton of items appear up, pages upon pages of the good stuff!


This white bag was also a stand-out number, but it came from eBay for £3. It's by a company called Shilton. I'd never heard of them but apparently they're expensive brand new.


Check out the pen and card holders!


It's quite roomy and ideal for everyday usage.


Next up is Primark's attempt at a vintage satchel. It's actually really pretty! And is selling like hot-cakes.
It's not used or second-hand, but it looks old-fashioned and a bit battered! Maybe that happened in transit between India, Spain and England though... (silence)


It's not compartmentalised at all, but i'd grab one while you can. A bargain at a mere £7!

And thus ends the vintage post. Technically they weren't all vintage, but nonetheless they give off a vintage appearance and look damn good!

Are you into vintage bags? Where do you go to find yours? Oh... and happy weekend!
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