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Rockin' the quartz

Hello hello!

You guys will probably know by now that I simply love my high street jewellery. But lately I'm not feeling them. Everything just looks so samey and blah and unoriginal. Yes, I do love a big chunky ring, but the big chunky ones out there at the moment are just crap.

I managed to go a whole fortnight (yes a fortnight!) without buying a single ring, so you can tell the high streets are in dire straits when it comes to rings. I started to feel withdrawal symptoms, so what did I do? I consulted Dr Google and he/she/it prescribed me a heavy dose of RubyRaeLove, the blogshop by Ella Masters. She does the most amazing rings, and I just could not believe she made these all herself! The one that really caught my eye was the handcut quartz cluster ring:


It looks massive on my hand!


You can even see Ella's fingerprint on this one!


On her website there's quite a choice of stunning rings! Another website to look out for is Etsy which seems to sell everything handmade and vintage, they have a large section dedicated to jewellery from a broad range of sellers, you'll be spoilt for choice.

It will take a miraculous recovery from the high street to tear me away from Etsy and RubyRaeLove. Unfortunately, a luck of funds is preventing me from going on one of my trademark sprees right now.

O' payday, payday! Wherefore art thou payday?

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