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dress it up

I'm all about dresses this summer. It's so much easier to throw on a dress in the morning than to put together an outfit with several different pieces. Plus, they're more comfortable than sweatpants. Yeah I said it.
So when I got an email from the Limited advertising dresses at 30 percent off, I knew it was time to go dress shopping (again). 
Cute dresses? Win. Cute dresses on sale? Super win.
I love everything about this dress: the pleats, the color-blocking, the appliques, everything.

This is a pretty perfect work dress.

I love the neckline.

This dress mixes several different trends - safari, military (from one angle it looks like an old-timey war nurse's uniform), structured. And then there's the bow. Love, love, love.

And this is just adorable.

Which is your favorite? Are you rocking dresses this summer?
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