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The Ultimate Bodycon

Burgundy. Definitely this season's colour, I've been obsessed with any shade even remotely burgundy: Oxblood, Maroon, Red Wine. You name it, I'm on it! There's something sexy about it that just oozes femininity.

As well as loving Burgundy, I've also been getting back into Topshop of late. I've never really got their spring/summer ranges, it's all a bit samey. But when it comes to autumn/winter they always seem to be streets ahead of the competition.

This outfit combines Burgundy with Topshop, it's a Topshop bodycon dress. The shape and the pleats really caught my eye. They had it in a teal, but the burgundy coupled with the pleats just blew me away! Trying it on sealed the deal for me. The pleating detail around the chest looked stunning and the cut is ├╝ber flattering.

Despite this being such a simple looking outfit, I can see it is an outfit for all occasions. With this dress, less is definitely more. The dress is will be perfect for cold winter days, it feels so thick without really looking it.

I managed to get hold of it just before it sold out at £46, if you're lucky you might still be able to find some in your local shop, otherwise you'll have to make do with the Teal or Camel ones on the website. Maybe when payday comes around I might nab the Turquoise one if there's any left.





I adore this ring. It's a spikey, quartz-y looking little thing from the Dorothy Perkins sale. £2. Yes you read that right! Bargain! It compliments Topshop's Jewel In The Crown nail polish pretty darn well. I simply cannot put this colour down right now, it's a gorgeous turquoise, petrol blue-ish colour. Two coats of this stuff and you're good to go, application is a breeze too!

Ponte Pleated Bodycon Dress - TOPSHOP
Cropped Lace Cardigan - Divided at H & M
Spiked Quartz Ring - Dorothy Perkins
Nails - Topshop Jewel in the Crown

You may be able to tell that taking these pictures wasn't such a breeze, I'm testing out a 50mm 1.4f aperture Nikon Lens that works really well in low light situations. It is a great lens but it's so bloody difficult to focus! I will get there, one day.

And to those of you celebrating Eid tomorrow:

Hope you all have a great day! :)

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