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Pining for Burberry & (almost) getting it

Hello m'lovelies!

I don't know about you, but ever since spying the Burberry Silk Satin Trench coat on BeautyCrush's channel, I've been pining for it! It has to be one of the classiest coats I've ever seen! The silk material just oozes femininity and the nude-mocha colour is so flattering on Asian skin-tones.

I love everything about it, except that is, the price. At a smidgeon over £1,000 it's waaay out of my price-range. If I had that sort of cash burning holes in my pockets I'd snap it up in a flash. But alas, my arch-nemesis 'Lack of Funds' emerges victorious in their quest to obstruct my pursuit of materialistic happiness.

The only thing to do then was to hunt down dupes. I've scoured the highest e-mountains and the deepest e-rivers in search of the perfect dupe. I found many along the way that fell short in one way or another, usually the wrong colour, but finally as my energy was beginning to sap I came across a promising find by RARE in their sale.

Now it wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it had ruched sleeves that had me holding back the vomit (they disgust me!). Nevertheless, I went out on a limb and bought it. Luckily, one of my besties is the best tailor in the entire world and made a few adjustments for me. And hey presto, I've ended up with a right beaut of a trench!



This is one's for Aisha, Nazneen, Tass, Sriya & Amina... The 'Halima' pose ;)



Hopefully this winter stays mild, otherwise I'll need to wait until the spring to make full use of the coat. Either way, I definitely owe my girl a lifetime supply of haircuts!

For those of you interested in the featuered coat, they've still got some left in their sale for £20! LINK!


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