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OUTFIT: Red Velvet

Regular readers of mine should know of my dislike of winter by now. I'm not a big fan of the 'Autumn/Winter' ranges on the high street mainly consisting of dark and dreary colours, launched in the dying months of summer as if to prepare us for a dark and dreary few months.

One of the very few good things about Winter and its accompanying clothing range is velvet. Sexy, sultry, smooth velvet. Everybody loves a bit of velvet, particularly in the winter, it just looks so smart, sophisticated and snug. Just a few weeks before Christmas, I was scouting out all of my usual haunts looking for it. I needed my fix! Plus I had a few invites to social soirees and I wanted something different for the occasion.

Lo and behold, I stumbled upon the most gorgeous dress on eBay. It's a ruched corset bodice with a velvet burgundy skirt, all neatly packaged in the form of a dress. I remember swooning over the very same dress no less than a year ago in Topshop, having one of those mental debates where something is truly amazing yet also truly out-of-my-price-range. My heart was saying yes, but my brain spat out it's coffee and exclaimed: "£145???!! FOR A DRESS?!".

So brain won that particular battle and then had the pleasure of saying: "I told you so" just a few months later. My winning bid on this absolute dream of a dress? £18. I was sat on the edge of the bed, button-bashing on the F5 key just praying that nobody would come in and snipe me in the dying seconds. My heart-rate rose frantically. A cold rush of blood to the head saw my fingers type in £50 and click 'Place Bid' before my brain even knew what was going on. The countdown timer surged in to the red. 10. 9. Don't you dare snipe me. 6. 5. OMG I'm gonna win!. 3. 2. 1. Victory.

Following that though, there was the tenseness of waiting for it to come through the post. It's happened to me before, I've won a ridiculously expensive item at a ridiculously low price and received an email from the seller saying they've burnt it with their iron, asking if I still want it. But no. No emails, just an agonising wait. Finally it arrived though. My precious... And it even had the tags on it still.





Mixing lace with velvet is the epitome of sexy-ness..


Ruched Corset Burgundy Dress - TOPSHOP (purchased from eBay, obvs..)
Cropped lace bolero -  eBay (non branded)

The temperatures outside may well be on the rise soon, but this baby won't be going into hibernation just yet. 

What are your thoughts on Velvet? Or more so, velvet mixed with lace? Oh GOD.

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