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OUTFIT: Sheer Spring Roses

Well hello there my l'il jewels!

 I know what you're thinking: two blog posts in a week, what's going on?!

I can assure you, no one's more surprised than I am! Anyway, my regular readers should hopefully be well aware of my love for eBay right? Whether it's brand new with tags or second hand you can get hold of some ridiculous bargains and above all, it almost feels guilt free. So all of a sudden that £60 Topshop dress you thought was way too expensive could begin to look a bit more within reach.

Recently I purchased the most stunning piece from eBay. It's a sheer, rose printed long blouse. Rose prints are popping up all over the place at the minute as stores attempt to lure us in ready for Spring & Summer, but this one took my breath away. It's just so pretty!

As it is sheer and a little short, I wore my velvet high waisted shorts underneath with a black t-shirt bra just to make it a bit less noticable, ha!

It's from a brand called Kimichi Blue who are well known for their Vintage styles. I've spotted their gear at Urban Outfitters recently and have to confess to having fallen in love with their floral amorous blouses. So how much did I snap this up for? £8. 

eBay, I adore you.




Told you it was pretty! 

I usually like posting up a few more photos, but in typically Mancunian fashion some strong icy winds brought in freezing showers! Didn't really fancy hanging about in it for too long!

Are you a fan of floral blouses? 

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