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The Holiest of Holy Grails - Clinique Brush-On Cream Eye Liner


My name is Halima. This is my first time at Eyeliners Anonymous. I am addicted. I cannot go a day without it. Even if I just attempt to skip it and go straight for the mascara, it feels like a betrayal of my beloved.

I've been wearing liner from the tender age of 14, so as you can imagine I've tried pretty much everything out there. It all started, would you believe, with a felt-tipped one *shudders*. At the moment I'm onto Gels, but to get here I've been through various Kohls and Liquids searching for the elusive 'Holy Grail'.

Recently I've been receiving e-mails, had friends, colleagues and heck, even people in the street come up to me and ask: "What eyeliner are you wearing?!" 

On that basis, I guess I must be using something good!


I came across Clinique's' Brush On Cream Eyeliner' about two years ago. Although I took a shine to it early on, it wasn't quite love at first sight, leading me to experiment with several other liners from MAC's 'Fluid Line' to Inglot's 'Gel Eyeliner' and Bobbi Brown's 'Long Wear Gel Eyeliner'. As excellent as they all are, I'd always up back with Clinique.



It's all in the formula! It's super easy to apply with a decent brush (FYI, I use Inglot's 30T eyeliner brush). The Clinique liner does come with a dinky sized angled brush, but I'm really not keen on those teeny tiny brushes and I much prefer fine bristled brushes.

Unlike some other Gel Liners, I'm looking at you Inglot, Clinique's doesn't drag or tug along the lashline and gives you the control to create a perfect, flawless line. The application process is smooth, seriously smooth. This is surely down to the creamiest of creamy formulas.

When asked of cream liners, you may think of an easy to apply liner with less intensity, possibly streaky, a slight shine to it that fades throughout the day. Believe me, this does not fade nor is it streaky and it dries to a matt finish . I very rarely find myself going back over it throughout the day.

So fading isn't issue, but not only that the liner stays put. I've found myself falling asleep with this on only to wake up a couple of hours later and find it just as I left it. The product hasn't gone walkabout on my face, it's stayed in position.

I purchased mine in 'True Black'. It is quite an intense black, though in comparison to Inglot, it's not the blackest of blacks. But looking at it with the naked eye, it will appear as a true black, just like the name of the shade! Genius!


The most irritating thing about finding a great product, is that niggling feeling at the back of your mind that there must be something wrong with it. Usually with an eyeliner, you'll fear that it's going to dry out before you get anywhere near the bottom of the pot. No point worrying about that here, mine lasts months! It actually gets to the point where I'm scraping the last little bits at the bottom and yet, it's still as creamy as the day I bought it. 

So what's the difference between between gel and cream liners? Comparing this to the likes of Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner, the only difference in composition is that the Clinique formula is... Creamier!

If you're brand new to Gel Liners, I'd recommend you go for it. If you make a mistake, no problem, whilst it's still wet, you can easily remove it with a damp q-tip. The results you get will surprise and delight you in equal measure, the compliments will come in thick and fast!

A 5ml pot will set you back £15. This might seem just a touch on the expensive side, but one little tub will last you months and months. I use mine almost every day, yet it lasted me 6 month.

Have you found your HG eyeliner?

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