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JEWELLERY: Arabic Calligraphy Rings


Hey lovers!

Way back in my teens, I was enrolled onto a 6 year (yes six year) course learning Qur'anic Arabic, translating from Arabic into my native Urdu. As time wore on it became more and more difficult and demanding and I started to dislike going. That being said I fell in love with the actual Arabic language. The spoken word is just beautiful, whilst the written word is a work of art.

Much like everyone else who's ever been to school I began doodling on my exercise books, and the doodles turned into full-on illustrations and Arabic calligraphy. 

After the course had finished I began to forget how amazing this language really is, time eroded that memory away. Until last year that is, when I walked past a shop on Wilmslow Road selling Arabic Calligraphy canvases. I was in complete awe and it all came flooding back to me at once. Anyway I carried on walking and thought about how I'm so much more into fashion now than I've ever been before. Then it struck me: 'Why don't I try incorporating Arabic into my style?'


I managed to find an eBay seller offering Arabic name necklaces and, although it took them a couple of attempts to get it right, I rarely take it off! More recently I visited Jerusalem and came across some Palestinian stalls selling these amazing Arabic Calligraphy rings. After some fun haggling over the price, I managed to get it down to £2 a ring! Naturally I bought a few ;)

The rings themselves have a metallic finish but are actually made of resin. Still, it takes nothing away from the truly stunning design. 

I have to say that I'm completely turned off by the jewellery on offer on the high street at the moment, there's not a lot to write home about which is pretty annoying really as there's so much room for creativity with jewellery. Anyways, I did manage to find a set of rings from H & M. It's a mixture of plain gold stackable rings in various sizes, including a couple of mid-finger rings. I'll be featuring these babies in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

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