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Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile



Don't you just love it when you're out shopping, usually in larger department stores, you've bought a few items and the shop assistant asks: "Would you like a few perfume samples to try out?" - Would I?!

I've managed to build up my shoulder muscles over the past few years due to the sheer weight of things I carry around with me in my handbag, so a teeny-weeny perfume sample really does make a difference to me. I find full-size perfumes a touch heavy for my handbag so samples can really come in handy, having said that you'd rarely catch me without a 30ml bottle of my signature scent - ChloĆ©!  The great thing about carrying a good perfume around is it can transform your mood from groggy to confident within seconds.

At some point in the past (no idea where or when!) I must have been given a sample of Acqua di Parma's Iris Nobile. I was rooting through my little collection of samples and this one seemed to stand out for some reason. Anyway, while I was out & about in Manchester I gave it a whirl. I tend to judge a perfume not only by its scent, but by the feeling I get from wearing it and this scent brought childhood memories of crunching into Parma Violets flooding back to me. I had to buy it. Money no object.

When it comes to fragrances I'm perfectly happy to spend a fair wedge on something unique. If it's quite chemical or generic I can't justify spending my hard-earned on it. A perfume shouldn't just smell nice, it should elevate your mood and make you feel special for wearing it, Iris Nobile certainly fits that bill on both counts.

While it's an incredibly strong fragrance it retains a healthy sense of femininity, it's very sweet without verging into the sickly and gives off an aura of pure luxury. This is one of those rare fragrances (like Chanel No5) that when you walk past someone wearing it you instantly recognise exactly what it is, despite this it manages to avoid being overpowering. Acqua di Parma have found a perfect balance, it has everything a woman loves in a perfume but doesn't overdo it; it's refined and understated whilst also smelling sensational. 

So what does it smell like? I'm not one of these people with an expert palate who can identify multiple layers of scents, but what I picked up on is an initial burst of citrus, followed by strong florals and that unmistakable Parma Violet (though that may be just me!). For that reason, I prefer this as a Spring/Summer fragrance perfect for giving you that little boost. For Autmn/Winter I prefer the dark, sensuous mystery of Tom Ford's Black Orchid, though in all honesty I could spritz myself with Iris Nobile every day!

I purchased a 100ml bottle of the Eau De Parfum from the Selfridges Beauty Hall. It set me back a whopping £96, but let me tell you something: I'll savour every drop, and when it finishes I'll buy it again and again!

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