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REVIEWS: Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet


 My regular readers will no doubt be well aware of my love of lipsticks: if it's bright and matte I'm on it!

I've been a closet fan of Lime Crime for quite a while now, their colour palette is quite bold and I've found them to be opaque too. Exactly what I look for in my lipsticks!

My sister told me that so many of the lipsticks out on the market contain Carmine, which is derived from the Cochineal insect. Yuck! I guess my little sis basically wants a 'Halal' lipstick free of animal bits, not a totally unreasonable demand! So anyway I was trawling the internet looking for lipsticks that don't have dead insects in them when I stumbled across the Velvetines range by Lime Crime which is Vegan and cruelty-free!

The Velvetines are essentially liquid lipsticks, with just two shades to choose from: Suedeberry and Red Velvet. I plumped for the latter. It comes in a gorgeous frosted glass bottle that makes it look outrageously expensive. The applicator within looks very much like a lip gloss applicator. 


This is supposed to be a long-lasting, waterproof lippy. As soon as I hear the words 'Long-lasting' and 'lipstick' in the same sentence I automatically think of crusty, flaky lips. An example of this would be Maybelline's SuperStay Liquid Lipstick. It was vile.

With this lipstick though I was pleasantly surprised with the formula. It applies as a smooth gloss and dries to a matte finish within seconds! The best thing is, the colour is opaque with just one swipe.

I absolutely love how this feels on the lips. It's soft, velvety and incredibly lightweight which really surprised me from a 'long-lasting' lipstick. It doesn't feel like the moisture is being sucked right out of my lips, those of you who've tried liquid lipsticks in the past will definitely relate!

As far as longevity goes, Velvetines does live up to its claim. This really is a long lasting lipstick, with zero feathering or cracking going on. I drink quite a lot of water, tea and coffee during the day yet the lipstick doesn't seem to transfer on to my mugs and cups.

Throughout the day I notice that the colour does appear to have faded, however when I dab on some of my trusty Blistex Relief Cream onto the lips it's as if they travel back in time to the morning, looking just as vibrant as when I first applied it.

My only qualm with Velvetines is that I need to apply a lipliner beforehand. If I don't do that, I find that it bleeds down onto my chin. Lovely! To be fair, most bold lip colours do this anyway but I do find it particularly annoying as it tends to bleed around my lip piercings.

Red Velvet appears to be a classic red lipstick, I feel it has blue undertones as it makes my teeth look whiter and brighter!



I'd definitely repurchase this, I la-la-love the colour and formula and would certainly recommend it to those looking to keep their make up 'Halal', ha! 

I purchased mine from cutECOsmetics for £11.50, LINK!

And errr yeah, I have purpley blue hair! I got up to a bit of experimenting in the early hours a couple of weekends ago, and ended up with fully indigo hair! One of the neighbours nicknamed me Katy Perry, even so, I reaaaaally missed my turquoise ombre. :'(

At the moment I'm fully turquoise which was my original plan since Christmas and I freaking love it! I'm currently working my way through a backlog of posts, so if my hair appears all sorts of different colours don't worry I'm not changing it daily! Soon I'll get around to the big Turquoise reveal on the blog, but if you just can't wait, check out my Instagram!

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