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OUTFITS: Little Ben and the RARE Kimono


Hey lahs

I've got a massive back log of posts that I really need to bang out, so here's the first! Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that my hair isn't turquoise anymore, but is in fact now an indigo colour. Even then, that will soon change once again! More on that will come in future posts...

Anyway, over the past few weeks I've still been feeling Kimonos, it's now at that stage where I wonder if I'll ever stop loving them! I've been scouring the interweb for more of these gorgeously flowing printed fabrics.

This one was purchased from eBay and is manufactured by a company called RARE, they can be found on the ASOS website and sometimes even in Topshop.

The print was love at first sight, I'm not too sure what it's supposed to be but it looks a cross between a galaxy print and an animal print with a few flowers thrown in for good measure! The 
huge swirls of blue and various shades of orange make this sounds like something that should definitely not work, but somehow it does!

I paired it with my burgundy tunic which is quite long and so appears as though it's a mini bodycon dress! 







Little Ben!

I first featured Little Ben on the blog a couple of years ago now, I bought him from my then favourite place for jewellery - TOPSHOP - but he was paired up with a hideous looking silver tube chain. It so disgusted me, it just broke my heart that this cute little thing was attached to something so... so... URGH that I just had to rescue him. I hope you'll agree that he looks much happier with his new partner! 


I spotted this little beaut whilst in a charity shop that funds the cat sanctuary where I got my new kitties from. I was waiting for the centre to prepare everything and this caught my eye, at first I thought it was a Rolex! It turned out that it's Citron but still, it's pretty good for £3.50, no?

I did a bit of Googling and found a Rolex that looks just like this, so it wasn't just me! It's the Oyster Perpetual Datejust, one can only dream of having a Rolex but every now and then I catch a glimpse of one out of the corner of my eye...


Printed Kimono - RARE LINK
Wavy detail Burgundy Tunic - TOPSHOP 
Big Ben Necklace - TOPSHOP DIY'd. 
Dice Bracelet - purchased from a market Barcelona
Rose Gold Hamsa / Hand of Fatima Bracelet - eBay LINK 
Vintage Watch - Citron

Just for LOLZ 



I spotted Alisa staring at her shadow over the weekend and I had to take a snap after discovering why she was so mesmerised: She is the DARK KNIGHT

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