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REVIEWS: Illamasqua Kontrol Lipstick


As we enter the final stretch of 2013 and life begins to gradually begin to slow down on the run-up to Christmas, I've found myself reminiscing over or 'reviewing' the year so far. I can say without a doubt that 2013 has been the year of experimentation for me.

Looking back through some of my older posts, I came across one from 2010 that really caught my eye. I'd purchased NYX's Round Lipstick in Snow White, which is a crimson red shade, and I was talking about how I wasn't brave enough to venture outside the house wearing it.

How times have changed! 

Almost four years on, and rarely do I venture outside the house without a bright lipstick on. But this year I went one further and began toying with alternative shades, and this post is dedicated to one that really stands out: Illamasqua's Kontrol.



As you can see, Kontrol is a blue based violet with very subtle grey undertones. It's one of those shades that you just won't find in your local Boots or Superdrug, one of the reasons I love Illamasqua so freaking much. It goes completely against the grain.

And there's no half-measures here either, it's richly pigmented, full-on opaque with a smooth, creamy formula that applies effortlessly to the lips. Kontrol isn't quite like Illamasqua's matte lipsticks, where you need to exfoliate your lips and apply some decent lip balm. No, the creamy formula ensures this lipstick requires minimum effort. It's also incredibly forgiving on dry lips and doesn't accentuate any flakes. YES!

I'd say it's a slightly cool toned lipstick, something I tend to steer well clear of as they generally tend to clash with my skin tone. Illamasqua have surprised me with this one though, as I think it matches up pretty well with my NC37 - NC40 skin tone.


As for the finish, it isn't quite matte. If anything I'd say it's slap bang in the middle of matte and gloss, more like a velvety-smooth finish. Topshop's Velvet Lips - take note!

The lasting power is pretty good for a non-matte lipstick, by lunchtime I find that it's beginning to wear off a little though so I give it a wee touch up. By the end of the working day my lips are left with a purple-hued stain but with a touch up a few hours after lunch, it actually begins to look more matte than glossy.





So beautiful. 

Illamasqua's Kontrol is priced at £16.50, so I can understand why people may find this pretty steep for a lipstick. Personally I think it's worth it! If, however, you aren't so sure about it I've heard that Stargazer's 130 lipstick is a pretty good dupe, though it is a lot glossier. That'll set you back £2.99, so might be worth a whirl before you take on the real thing!

 Have you tried Illamasqua's Kontrol? What tones are you sporting this season?
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