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Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch - Such a beaut!

Say hello to Rose!




She's the new addition to my ever growing Michael Kors watch collection. They have me hooked with their sheer elegance and timeless designs. Looking at their website is like a tiny form of torture, teasing me with every new design that appears, begging me to buy more and more. The newest of my small collection was love at first sight. I love everything about it from the tiny cogs beneath the surface to the smooth, shiny trademark links. It is simply stunning.

As Michael Kors himself says: "A great watch can update any outfit and be sporty, luxurious and utilitarian all at the same time" and that is so true. It really does complete an outfit.

Rose Gold has definitely made a comeback recently. It's such an unsual colour and an alternative to the usual yellow gold or silver. It has such a vintage feel to it and compliments most skin tones.

This is the MK5331 and cost me £199 which isn't exactly purse-friendly. If that's a bit too steep there are alternatives out there! ASOS have a very similar watch to this but they've unfortunately sold out. I did have a quick scan on eBay, this seller has 4 available for £20 including postage so get in there quick dolls! LINK!

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